Robert Ferguson’s Diet Free Life Program, is evidence based and clinically proven. It teaches you how to eat food in fat burning combinations so you optimize your blood sugar levels and fat loss.

The science of Diet Free Life offers a flexible and livable way to lose weight, keep it off and improve overall health.

We customize your weight loss and nutrition program to fit your preferred style of eating. We meet you exactly where you are and teach you how to combine foods in a clinically proven way to burn fat. Whether you’re eating style is vegetarian, vegan, organic, fast food or if you’re a meat lover – you’ll get a meal plan that works for you.

With Robert Ferguson’s Private Coaching you get his personal expertise that includes customized nutrition and a fitness program designed to cut the fat and improve the shape of your body. Each month you get a new fitness program to help you keep inspired and excited about your results.

Having Robert Ferguson and his Certified Diet Free Life Coaches in your corner helps you stay committed and motivated. This support team is available to you so that you bust through barriers that tend to sabotage most people’s progress.

Whether it’s walking, running, group fitness, lifting weights or swimming, we provide you with a new program every month to keep you excited and your body responding.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How to eat all types of foods in fat burning combinations
  • How to avoid diet pitfalls and cravings that have you feeling deprived and guilty
  • How to eat to get the most out of your exercise and fitness efforts
  • How to stop the diet yo-yo (roller coaster) and embrace a lifestyle
  • How to lose weight during peri- and post-menopause
  • How to keep yourself engaged (motivated) both during the weight loss and after you’ve reached your goal
  • How to feel confident with your nutrition decisions to include eating while traveling, dining out, on-the-go and in challenging situations

With the Private Coaching program you fuel your weight loss, thrive and achieve the results you want faster and easier as you literally become a fat burning machine!

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