Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

What? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works by enhancing the body’s natural healing process with inhalation of Oxygen in a controlled and pressurized chamber. Inside the chamber, oxygen is delivered to body tissues at 1.3 ATA or above normal atmospheric pressure.

Why? For decades, wellness centers and hospitals, have used the Hyperbaric Therapy to treat patients with serious infections, decrease inflammation and promote growth of new blood vessels to speed wound healing, sleep and focus.

Who? For individuals with severe anemia, brain abscess, burns, decompression sickness, skin or bone infection, non-healing wounds and vision loss. Adjunct Hyperbaric Therapy has been used successfully for years. Wellness by Stephanie | Holistic Health Spa, uses this to promote visually better skin appearance, Hang-over Therapy and adjunct therapy to most known illnesses or injuries.

What to Expect? While in the chamber, relax, listen to music, watch movies, or take a nap.

When? the frequency of treatments depends on the individual and the condition. Usually a prescription is needed for higher levels of treatment above 1.3 ATA.

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Brain activity before and after Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

FDA STATEMENT: (HBOT Requires Consent Form and Release) “HBOT is not Meant to Diagnose or Treat Any Illness.” (Please refer to your Physician and the FDA Guidelines and Recommendations. Research HBOT Adjunct Therapy is recommended)